Geeky Me

Loren was born in beautiful and warm Puerto Rico, but was raised in the city
that never sleeps, New York City. When she think of New York, she remembers the
breathtaking skyline and statue of liberty who always welcomes you home
from a distance. Loren is the oldest of three children whose single mother raised
her to be independent and strong.  She believed that New York was the only home
she would ever know, until she met and married the love of her life and moved to
Dallas, Texas. They have been blessed with a wonderful little boy . Everyday, her
son inspires her to be a better person and mother. He is also the reason why Loren
started crafting. She wishes to surround her son with creativity and love and give
him knowledge of his heritage.

She currently resides in California with her husband, son, kitty named Zoidberg
and a dog named Kinjal. Loren is known for her style, truthfulness and good
heart. She loves to work with her hands and can't sit still. Her loves include:
mothering, comic book conventions, flea markets, Halloween, re-purposing,
making tags,reading science fiction and of course blogging!

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